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Nov 15, 2012 4:00pm PST
. and john mcafee insisting he's innocent he is on the run in the central american country telling "wired" magazine he believes the government in belize is corrupt and will do anything to find him. >> i don't know what the end game is. it's given enough time they will prak me down. very to ee. i have to have supplies. and i'm using a telephone they'll figure out which phone to get it. you know? it's just time. >> he is wanted for questioning in the murder. police say he's a person+:uh of interest. cisco focusing on the cloud announcing it's buying a software company9kub applied materials is forecasting more tough times, world's largest producer of chip making equipment expects revenue to fall. results weren't great either, applying a loss of $15 million, first loss in three years. take a look at the broader markets. another down day for the major bench mark indexes dropping to ineestors concerned abouth8g/b budget talks. the conflict escalating in%lzi israel. your bloomberg silicon valley ibm plans to offer loans for clients setting aside $4 million for loans to business partners
Nov 12, 2012 4:00pm PST
murder case. police looking for 67-year-old john mcafee as the prime suspect of the shooting dental of his neighbor in belize. >> this is a bizarre story with facts trickling in. the next door neighbor was found dead by his housekeeper. he'd been shot in the head and mcafe sex now the crime suspect. the victim is a former californian builder who filed a complaint for firing guns and roguish behavior according to
Nov 13, 2012 4:00pm PST
trial. dosher will be jentsed next month. >> the story surrounding john mcafee the founder of the antivirus software is getting more bizarre by the hour. >> now, police in belize are searching for former silicon valley entrepreneur john mcafee who is a person of interest in the death of his neighbor on the island. the antivirus creator has been communicating about live on the run. these photos are for an upcoming wired article. the reporter is tweeting what mcafee is telling him that a slept on a mattress full of lice. wired shared with abc news a phone reporting of mcafee. >> i was lying in the bottom, to do whatever it takes to stay alive. >> police began looking for the 67-year-old mcafee after his neighbor was shot to death. the body was found on sunday. people who know mcafee say he's becoming erratic and paranoid and had an ongoing dispute with the neighbor. mcafee has not been associated with the company that bears his name since early 1990s and moved to belize in 2008. >> the nine day strike against railly's store chain is over and details are not being released yet. the u
Nov 7, 2012 4:00pm PST
inspiration meeting near the statue of john carlos ask tommy smith. >> if you believe in something, you can succeed, we're saying that we felt we deserve a living wage mayor chuck reed says he likes the idea of people making more money but is concerned about surveys showing employers unable to pay higher wage saying they'll slash hundreds of workers who will then are no job at all. >> we're facing a budget short fall of millions of dollars. so out of $600,000 coming from a general fund. >> cafe j folks say that is all you'll see. athat is not how they see it. >> it's important to impact one another. and not think about our self interest when we act, we can change the world. not just one president that can change the world. it's us. >> these students learned about what it takes to win an election and now, i'm told they have a new cause, going to go after a high cost of a college education. >> it appears democrats have a favorable landscape. the party now anticipate being a super majority meaning a two thirds majority in the state, senate and assembly allowing the party to push throu
Nov 9, 2012 4:00pm PST
. >> john, have a nice weekend. >> spectacular views out there. clear skies. >> chilly views.. >> very chilly. yes. >> people have been concerned about the grape harvest. this is big news, harvest is over. grapes are fun. that is news making my pal yet dance with delight. here is a live view looking to mount a lot of blue skies. you can see not much happening now. unless you go inland into the sierra. it's still snowing lightly. north bay, near yu kaia, pockets of showers. but again, most areas are dry. looking farther south near gilroy, a couple pockets of and again, snow over the last several hours, you can see snow sort of tapering off a bit. there is more on the way. cool in the bay area now. temperatures uniform readings. 53 here in san francisco. we'll see showers overnight into early morning hours tomorrow. there is a possibility of thunder, there could be snow as that cold air descends. near freezing temperatures with us into saturday morning and into sunday morning. lows tonight down to 31 in santa rosa. 32, napa. cold air up into the north bay. and eastward. a cha
Nov 8, 2012 4:00pm PST
across the board are looming. >> speaker of the house john boehner appeared to dig in his heels on the suggestion of tax increases.. >> raising taxes on small business people is the wrong prescription given wheream> democratic stlat gist and former clinton advisor. >> i do think they get paid on the clinton play book on this. >> saying president needs to sell voters on a vision of compromise. >> the president doesn't make the case. people are confused on it. the way health care should have played out that makes boehner's job easier. >> speaker of the house's conversation coming up in about an hour from now on abc world news. the first indepth interview since tuesday's election. >> thank you. >> in addition to promising to work with house and senate members the president reaching outç=tc to reassure foreign leaders of his continuing cooperation. swerls leaders of germany and other countries was also announced today the president will take a historic trip to cambodia and myanmar. >> the pentagon says an iranian military plane fired upon, but did not hit a u.s. drone
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6